Fuel Cell / Ice Box Combo Tank

Fuel Cell / Ice Box Combo Tank

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These Combo tanks are constructed of laser cut and CNC bent 1/8 aluminum, they come with a Holley billet aluminum 6 bolt lid and have provisions for 10 bolt in-tank fuel pumps.

Fuel Cell

13.5 gallon cell with Internal baffling and return tube to reduce cavitation 

Billet Aluminum Lid 

-12 orb return bung 

-8 orb vent bung 

Ice Box

7 gallon capacity 

8" hinged O-ring lid 

-16 orb feed / return bungs

1/2npt drain bung


Optional Add-Ons

Aeromotive brushless intank fuel pumps

Antigravity ATX-20-HD battery mount

Internal or external pump for ice box 

Ice box drain kits 

Ice box line and fittings Fittings/Hose – Mike Thomas Fab

These Tanks are built to order and have a 1-week Leadtime 

Fuel pumps may have a longer lead time!!